Haji Ali Juice Center


Haji Ali Juice Center, a popular juice bar in Mumbai, was looking to update their branding and packaging design to better reflect their commitment to quality and freshness. They needed a new packaging design that would help them stand out in a crowded marketplace and appeal to their health-conscious customer base.


As a Communication Designer specializing in minimal design, I knew that I could help Haji Ali Juice Center achieve their goals. I worked closely with the client to understand their needs and vision for the brand, and then created a packaging design that was both visually striking and functional. The design features bold typography, simple but elegant graphics, and a color scheme that evokes the freshness and vitality of the juice itself.


The new packaging design has been a huge success for Haji Ali Juice Center. Customers have responded positively to the updated branding and packaging, and the company has seen an increase in sales since the new design was introduced. The design has helped Haji Ali Juice Center differentiate themselves from competitors and establish themselves as a trusted, high-quality brand in the crowded juice bar market. Overall, the project was a great success and I am proud to have played a key role in helping Haji Ali Juice Center achieve their goals.