BLAK by Sunburn

Website Designing

As a Senior Graphic Designer at The Neon Tree, I had the pleasure of working on a project for Blak by Sunburn, a popular nightclub located in Pune, India. The primary objective of the website was to communicate the vibe and atmosphere of the nightclub, as well as the various services and offerings available to consumers. Additionally, there was a specific focus on promoting The Blak Membership Program, which aimed to create a select syndicate of the most elite individuals in Pune. To achieve these goals, I used real imagery and bold typography to create a visually striking and memorable design that effectively communicates the brand’s identity and offerings. Interactive elements such as parallax scrolling were incorporated to enhance the user experience and create an engaging platform for visitors. The website serves as an informative hub for Blak by Sunburn, showcasing its distinctive offerings and providing details on upcoming events, services, and The Blak Membership Program. Overall, I am proud to have contributed to the creation of a website that effectively communicates the essence of Blak by Sunburn and helps to establish its brand identity in Pune.

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