RPG Group

  • Client RPG Group
  • Services Website Animation

As a Senior Graphic Designer and Video Editor at The Neon Tree, I was given the responsibility to animate the website design for RPG Group, a client we were working with. The website design was created by a designer, and my role was to bring it to life by visualizing the animation and incorporating all the interactions that would happen on the website. Throughout the project, I worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of the animation was well thought-out and executed flawlessly. My goal was to create a seamless and engaging user experience that would capture the attention of RPG Group’s target audience. Overall, it was an exciting project that allowed me to showcase my skills and creativity as a designer and animator.

Website User Experience

Case Study

The RPG Group website animation project was a challenging and rewarding case study that showcased our team’s ability to bring a designer’s vision to life through effective animation and interaction design.


The final result was a visually stunning and engaging website that met the client’s requirements and exceeded their expectations. The animations and interactions seamlessly integrated with the website design, resulting in an exceptional user experience.


Working on the RPG Group website project allowed me to develop my animation and interaction design skills while collaborating with a team of designers and developers, resulting in a successful outcome.