Tata CLiQ Luxury

  • Client Tata CLiQ
  • Services Website Animation

I had the pleasure of working on a project for Tata CLiQ’s Indiluxe as a motion graphic designer, where we introduced their new gourmet food category. To launch this category, we collaborated with 10 celebrated Indian designers including Anavila, Payal Singhal, and Urvashi Kaur, who each produced an exclusive apron design for our Apron Collection 2020 initiative. As a motion graphic designer on this project, I had the opportunity to create a sleek and modern fashion promo opener, showcasing the unique designs of each apron. It was a fun and challenging project that allowed me to flex my creative muscles and contribute to a successful outcome for our client.

Case Study

As a motion graphic designer for Tata CLiQ’s Indiluxe brand, I was tasked with creating an animated promotional video for their new Apron Collection 2020 initiative. Working closely with the client, I produced a modern and stylish video that showcased the exclusive designer aprons and encouraged the “inner chef” in all of us.


The promotional video received positive feedback from the client and their customers, with increased interest and sales in the Apron Collection 2020. The successful launch of this new gourmet category also opened doors for future collaborations with Indian premium and luxury food brands.


Through this project, I gained valuable experience in working with a high-end fashion and gourmet brand, and improved my skills in motion graphics and animation. Collaborating with the client and the design partners allowed me to develop my creativity and problem-solving skills, resulting in a successful outcome.